The Best CTR Booster Alternative

How does CTR Booster compare to ClickSEO? What is the best software for CTR manipulation? Which bot is the king of search engine optimization strategies in 2023? Stay with us as we review CTR Booster and compare it to a new piece of software - ClickSEO.

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What Is CTR Booster?

CTR Booster is a CTR bot that generates organic clicks from SERPs to any website. CTR Booster has 2 products, the first one is a Google Ranker CTR bot and the second one is a YouTube Ranker that increases the click-through rate on videos.

This software is intended to help you rank on both platforms by increasing the number of searches - the aim is to show Google and YouTube that there is interest in your content.

While CTR Booster can serve a purpose, we propose an alternative - ClickSEO. The ease of use, quality of traffic, affordability, and proven results in the short to medium term are elements that make ClickSEO the best alternative software.

What Are the Main Differences Between ClickSEO and CTR Booster?


Fully Automated CTR Manipulation

When using CTR Booster, you have to run the tool from your computer, so any time your computer is turned off, you lose access. With ClickSEO, the CTR bot runs 24/7 as our bot is fully automated on the cloud. Simply run it once and your website will be getting regular visits night and day.


The ClickSEO Software Uses Residential IPs

Organic visits from ClickSEO come from real residential IPs. These are recognized by Google as real users - this makes them valuable and helpful for SEO, guaranteeing that your site will end up with a higher ranking. On the other hand, CTR Booster uses free proxies or low-quality IPs which are flagged by Google.


Spend Less Time Analyzing - a Clean and Smart Dashboard

The ClickSEO platform provides all the data you need to see how your SEO campaign is growing and to keep an eye on how many clicks our services generate each day. You don't need any other tool to see if your ranking strategy is paying off.


Search Engines Love the Signals ClickSEO Provides

The ClickSEO CTR manipulation tool increases the number of clicks you receive from a keyword on a search and gives Google positive signals that your site is the most relevant answer for that query. Our bot mimics the user behaviour signals Google wants to see - from the duration of visits to interacting with other pages on your website to create user engagement, all with the purpose of rising in organic search rankings.

CTR Booster vs. ClickSEO - the Ultimate Comparison

Features and key points
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Generate organic traffic with high quality residential IPs
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Track your position over time
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Right amount of clicks sent
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Unique IP used for each visits
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Random user behavior
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Recorded in all major analytic tools
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Choose several countries per project
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Automated system
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All countries available
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Extra Features
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Google maps CTR bot
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Youtube CTR bot
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What Is CTR Booster Good For?

The purpose of CTR Booster is to manipulate the click-through rate for specific keywords, driving bot traffic to your website.

You Get a Lower Bounce Rate

Google looks at the amount of time people spend on your website when they do a search. A website with a high dwell time is interpreted as well-designed and appealing to those who are searching for it. Google values this metric because it determines whether or not your page contains what they need.

A low bounce rate can help improve your rankings in search engines for specific keywords. CTR Booster can provide bot traffic that has a medium-duration dwell time. However, with ClickSEO, you can increase dwell time with over 5-minute session durations.

Increase Keyword's CTR

Organic click-through rates are one of the most important factors in SEO. If the CTR for your website is higher than the average click-through rate for your competition, Google will interpret it as a ranking signal and boost you in SERPs. CTR Booster provides click-through rate manipulation services. 

But, ClickSEO can offer the same service and we do it better. When we visit a site, we act like real people and take an organic approach. We scroll around your site and click on internal links, visit pages internally, and let tracker scripts and pixels load as they would with any regular visitor - but better. Get a better CTR with ClickSEO.

Get Clicks from Many Locations

Drive more web traffic to your site by targeting people in the country you're located in, helping you rise in local rankings. It's great for local SEO and, if needed, you can upload your own residential proxies to suit your target geolocation.

CTR Booster uses free proxies - we don't. So you don't have to worry about IPs or proxies if you use ClickSEO - our all-in-one CTR bot has an in-built service that uses high-quality residential IPs for any location.

What's the Pricing of CTR Booster?

The cost of buying and using CTR Booster software is $97, and there are no other required expenses to use the software. However, there are hidden costs. To increase the number of websites clicking on your links you'll need access to proxies that work with Google and it's critical that they look like they're coming from different people. You will get charged for this service.

For this reason, it is best if you have access to reverse proxies that provide residential IPs (web addresses). If you choose ClickSEO, you start at 30$ for 900 clicks per month - IPs included. There are no other costs - you just pay for the clicks.

A Summary of CTR Booster Features

  • Generate clicks from Google and Youtube

  • Perform Google Maps clicks on your Listing

  • Send positive signals to Google from mobile or desktop devices

  • Multiple keywords per project

  • Multiple locations available

  • Concurrent thread available depending on the IPs provider

  • Dwell time and bounce rate control

  • Visits are scrolling the web page

The Best CTR Manipulation Tool on the Market

The CTR Booster click-through rate tool is a user experience manipulation tool. If it's used the right way, it can help your websites or videos rank higher in the search engines. But is it the best CTR manipulation tool?

ClickSEO provides a more efficient alternative - our advanced software is more affordable and gives off the behavioral signals Google wants to see. We have in-built quality proxies and residential IPs and our bots actually interact with your website, signaling to Google that these are real users that find your website content valuable.

But hey, don't take us at our word - start a free trial and see how easy it is to rank for hundreds of keywords.