CTR manipulation for Google my Business

Boost user activity on your Google my business listing and climb the rankings

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ClickSEO on Google to generate website traffic

Boost your Google My Business rankings

ClickSEO types a keyword on Google Maps, clicks on your GMB listing, and clicks on the "call" "directions" or "visit website" buttons.
More activity on your GMB listing increases your local ranking considerably.

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Boost your Google my Business Local SEO

Generate activity from a keyword to your Google My Business listing to boost your local SEO. Follow live the progress of your ranking for each keyword

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Automated traffic

Set up ton GMB clicks project in a minute a let our system works in auto pilot

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CTR Manipulation for GMB

CTR is a major SEO factor. The more clicks your GMB listing receives, the higher the ranking

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Local SEO targeting

Boost the ranking of your GMB listing in a targeted way.
+170 locations available.

Manage your CTR optimization campaign

Campaign Statistics

Follow the evolution of your listing's ranking in real-time, and see the user activities generated by ClickSEO

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Smart Settings

Set the settings according to our guidelines to maximize the SEO effects for your GMB listing

Increase time on site on clickseo

Increase dwell time

Visits are directed from your GMB listing to your website with a high visit time which is an important SEO factor

CTR bot dashboard management
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Track your GMB rankings from local keywords

Track the position of your GMB listing on keywords whose CTR has increased. Monitor the organic search traffic activity generated in real time. ClickSEO gives you the report over the last 30 days.

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Why CTR is highly important for GMB rankings?

CTR is one of the most important Google my business SEO factors in 2023. The higher the CTR on your listing, the more relevant your listing is, and therefore the higher the ranking.

What is a CTR manipulation bot for GMB?

A CTR manipulation bot for GMB is a service that generates clicks from Google maps towards your listing local keywords to increase the users activities and boost rankings