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With the rising cost of advertising with Facebook ads and Google ads, it has become essential to improve your website's SEO to ensure the long-term future of your website, and to acquire targeted organic search  traffic at a lower cost. Nevertheless, competition in SEO is intense, and you need to know how to arm yourself with the right tools to increase your ranking effectively. That's why many companies decide to use a Google organic Search Bot to accelerate their SEO growth. A Google search bot automatically acts on several SEO factors. It's an indispensable tool, and a no-brainer to have in your SEO toolkit.

Google Organic search bot positive effect on SEO

What is a Google Organic Search Bot?

A Google Search Bot is an automated tool that generates clicks from Google search results to your website. A google search bot uses IPs to type a keyword into Google, searches for your website, finds your website, visits it and interacts with the internal pages. The purpose of a google organic search bot is to increase the performance of your website by improving the click through rate (CTR)

Why using a Google Search Bot to boost Click Through Rate (CTR) 

There is a crucial interest in improving the CTR of your website, or more precisely the click through rate of your keywords. First of all, CTR is the 4th most important SEO factor, for the following reason: it enables Google to determine whether your website is the most relevant result for a specific query. If you get more organic clicks than your competitors for a query, and your website is well optimised, then Google will consider your website to be the most relevant result, and your website will gain in ranking! As you can see, the CTR is the tool used to measure the relevance of your website. And using a Google organic search bot to send organic traffic to your website allows Google to receive positive information about the metrics, and to adjust the SERP accordingly, in your website’s favor.

CTR ranking factor

Use a Google Search bot on relevant Keywords

For many website owners, manipulating the CTR by using a Google organic traffic bot has become an essential tactic, and above all, an indispensable one. To understand the value of an organic search bot for CTR, it's important to analyse the conversion rate according to traffic source:

  • The average conversion rate for organic traffic is 16%.

  • 11% is the average conversion rate for traffic referrals.

  • The average conversion rate for Google Ads is 4.4%.

  • Direct traffic has a conversion rate of 2.64% on average.

  • The conversion rate for social traffic is 0.71% on average.

By increasing the CTR, you increase your overall ranking, so you attract more organic customers. And if you choose the right keywords to boost with a Google Search organic bot, then you'll be better positioned (top 10 SERP) on queries with very high user purchase intent, and your conversion rate will inevitably be very high. Investing in organic CTR means making the choice to invest for the long term, optimize costs and maximize results.

Choose ClickSEO as Organic Search Traffic 

You can quickly get lost in the world of organic search traffic providers. There are many options, but not all providers are equal, because they offer different traffic quality and different customiaation possibilities. ClickSEO was designed by SEO experts, for SEO experts.

Here are the reasons why ClickSEO is your best organic traffic partner:

Send Organic search traffic to your website from residential sources

Many players on the market make concessions on traffic quality by using lists of free proxies publicly available on the Internet.
This allows them to offer rock-bottom costs, at the detriment of quality.

ClickSEO has negotiated with the largest IP providers on the market to provide its customers with residential and mobile IPs (the best quality) at the best cost, and to guarantee that each visit generated is from a unique IP.
This means that a visit uses a single IPs. It is not used twice.

What's more, our IPs have a very high score. It is for these reasons that our visits are recorded in Google Search Console, Google trend, but also the best analysis tools such as Semrush, or Ahrefs.

By choosing ClickSEO, you can be sure that your clicks are of high quality, and are taken into account by the market giants, and that above all, you will benefit your SEO ranking

Organic Search traffic bot that boosts 3 main SEO factors

By generating organic traffic from search using ClickSEO bot, you're not just improving the CTR of your keywords, but you're also acting on several very important metrics that Google takes into account in its search engine optimisation. And ClickSEO covers the improvement of these traffic-related metrics thanks to its high-quality, customizable traffic.

Here are the lists of metrics, and the explanations:

1. Custom Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with a single page view or sessions in which the user departed your site on the initial page without interacting. A high bounce rate indicates that your site is unrelated to the search query.

The average bounce rate can be calculated using ClickSEO based on the total number of visitors to simulate that your pages meet a user's search intent and provide a good user experience. By sending the appropriate signals to Google, you can minimize your total bounce rate and boost your SEO.

2. Custom session duration

The session duration refers to the average time that a user spends on your website.
The longer the session time, the more relevant Google considers your website to be for the initial keyword’s search.

What's more, Google compares users' session times for the first results available for a keyword. So if you use a Google search traffic bot to generate traffic to your website from a keyword, and you choose an average visit duration that is higher than the average visit duration received by your competitors for a keyword, your ranking will increase. With ClickSEO you can choose a visit duration of up to 5 minutes.

3. Send targeted organic search traffic

If your website is focused on a particular market, then ClickSEO is the right choice for you. With over 150 locations available, you can choose from which location organic traffic is generated.

By generating searches from the country that corresponds to your target market, you will improve the ranking of your website in that country only. For example, if your website operates in the French market, then you can set up organic traffic searches so that they are generated from, using French IPs. Google will then understand that your website deserves to be ranked better by French users on

A new SEO Standard

There are trains you shouldn't miss, and using an organic search traffic bot is one of them.

Depending on whether you run your business alone or as part of a team, there are certain tasks that need to be delegated when a tool can handle a task more efficiently than a human.

In this case, an organic search traffic bot allows you to optimise many factors on your site that would take you weeks to manage manually. Coupling the use of this type of tool with the outsourcing of other tasks using the expertise of an SEO agency or freelancer is a winning strategy for boosting your ranking, and will become a new standard in the years to come.

Choose ClickSEO as google organic search bot

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