What is Google Organic Search Traffic Bot?

A Google Organic Search Bot is an automated instrument that conducts Google search engine searches, seeks your website based on a specific keyword, and visits with human behavior. ClickSEO is a Google Search Bot that helps you boost your website's CTR (Click Through Rate) by using keywords. ClickSEO clicks are logged in the top traffic analysis tools, such as the Google Search Console.

Google Organic search bot positive effect on SEO

Why use a Google Organic Search Bot to boost CTR?

CTR is one of the essential SEO elements because it allows you to improve your rankings swiftly! When your website receives a certain percentage of hits for a specific keyword, it signifies that it is the most relevant organic result for that search term.

What's more, guess what? You make progress and gain positions. Increased CTR from organic search traffic enhances your overall ranking and results in more organic visits.

Why do SEO services manipulate CTR?

By raising your SEO ranks, you gain free organic traffic, allowing you to achieve conversion rates that many e-commerce retailers would envy:

  • The average conversion rate for organic traffic is 16%.

  • 11% is the average conversion rate for traffic referrals.

  • The average conversion rate for Google Ads is 4.4%.

  • Direct traffic has a conversion rate of 2.64% on average.

  • The conversion rate for social traffic is 0.71% on average.

Increasing CTR increases your chances of your website gaining authority and relevance for your search terms.

A higher SEO positioning generates targeted and free visitors to your website, boosts your conversion rate, and enormously increases your turnover.

What makes ClickSEO the most effective organic search traffic bot?

Here are a few vital points that help ClickSEO stand out significantly from the competition.

Our residential network generates organic visits

Warning: Most bot traffic sources use free proxy lists that Google has reported. This renders SEO effects null and void.
Through our home network, ClickSEO generates real clicks from search results. Our home network employs IP addresses associated with real users connected to their Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
This means that Google Analytics systems classify our visits as high-quality because they have a high IP score. We are the only ones who provide genuine organic search traffic.

All of our features are SEO factors

When you use ClickSEO to produce organic search traffic, you enhance your CTR, which is one of the essential SEO factors and many other SEO characteristics linked with organic traffic.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with a single page view or sessions in which the user departed your site on the initial page without interacting. A high bounce rate indicates that your site is unrelated to the search query.

The average bounce rate can be calculated using ClickSEO based on the total number of visitors. By sending the appropriate signals to Google, you may minimize your total bounce rate and boost your SEO.

Dwell time and session length

Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. Furthermore, the number of pages per session refers to the average number of pages visited by a visitor on your website.

A long session time and many pages per session indicate to Google that your website is relevant. Google wants to provide its visitors with the most relevant results.

These two variables contribute to the Google algorithm receiving the appropriate signals.

With ClickSEO, generated visitors can stay on your website for up to 5 minutes and visit up to 5 pages randomly.

Locations of Organic Search Traffic

You may create traffic in over 130 different locations using ClickSEO. When you select a locale, organic searches and clicks are generated from that country's Google search engine.

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