ClickSEO is the best alternative to Growtraffic

How does ClickSEO compare with Growtraffic web traffic generator? What is the software to generate traffic? What is the best alternative to Growtraffic? Discover why ClickSEO is a serious alternative to Growtraffic bot

Growtraffic Alternative - ClickSEO

We Love Growtraffic

Are you looking for ways to increase traffic to your website? If so, you may be wondering what is and what services they offer. is a website that provides a variety of services designed to help you increase traffic to your website. They offer a variety of services, including:
-SEO traffic from organic sources
-Cheap and free Website traffic
-Website traffic generation
-Traffic bot

Each of these services is designed to help you increase traffic to your website in a variety of ways. For example, their SEO traffic can help you send traffic from keywords that will help your website rank higher in search engines, while their website traffic generation service can help you increase the number of visitors to your website. If you're looking for ways to increase traffic to your website, is a great resource.

BUT, if you want to generate traffic that has a real effect on your SEO, then you should consider CLICKSEO as the best alternative to
The traffic generated by ClickSEO only generates real organic visits that really benefit your SEO.

ClickSEO and Growtraffic are really different? Yes

ClickSEO use real residential IPs to generate traffic

The organic visits generated by ClickSEO when you buy website traffic are generated by the best quality IPs: residential. These are mobile and wifi IPs - and each visit is generated by a unique IP.

Growtraffic use cheap proxies to generate traffic

Growtraffic uses free IPs that can be found on lists open to the general public - all IPs on these lists are blacklisted by Google - and therefore, when you buy web traffic from growtraffic, it has bad effects on your website

ClickSEO pricing is affordable for the quality

Because we have thousands of customers, we have been able to optimize our costs and offer the best quality in the market at the best price. Prices start at $30 for 900 clicks per month

Growtraffic pricing is expensive for the quality

Growtraffic prices are very expensive for the quality you get. On top of that, you have no control over your subscription, as you have no access to a dashboard to manage your payments.

ClickSEO traffic is recorded in Google Search Console

ClickSEO organic traffic is recognized by the best analytics tools as generating real, quality clicks from unique quality IPs. All clicks are recorded in the search console

Web traffic from Growtraffic is recorded only in Google analytics

Growtraffic uses the same IP several times, but cleans the cookies before each visit, only Google analytics can record the visit, while other analytics tools do not count the visits as they come from the same IP.

ClickSEO gives positive signals to Google so you get a better rankings

Each of the organic visits made by ClickSEO meet your criteria while having a random behavior - The bounce rate is very low, and the visits come from organic keyword search to your website

Growtraffic harm your SEO

With growtraffic, the actions performed by visitors on your website are always the same, and the bounce rate is very high, which results in lower SEO positions

Growtraffic vs ClickSEO - The comparison

Features and key points
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Generate organic traffic with high quality residential IPs
Track your position over time
Right amount of clicks sent
Unique IP used for each visits
Random user behavior
Recorded in all major analytic tools
Choose several countries per project
Control bounce rate
Give positive signal to Google
Extra Features
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Google maps CTR bot

Climb SEO rankings today!

Start using the best CTR bot and increase your rankings on your main strategic keywords - in no time!

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GrowTraffic doesn't increase keyword's CTR

ClickSEO generates visits from a keyword that the software types into Google, then searches for your website in the SERP before clicking on the result and visiting your site.

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Dashboard management keyword tracking increase
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Generate organic clicks, and track your SEO movements

Generate organic searches and visits, have a view of your project, and on the movements of your keywords in the SERP on the pushed keywords!

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