ClickSEO vs SerpEmpire
Which one is the best?

How does ClickSEO compare with SERPempire? What is the best CTR bot for CTR manipulation? What is the best alternative to SerpEmpire? Discover why ClickSEO is an amazing alternative to SerpEmpire SEO Bot

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Unique content is always a plus, but if you want to maximize your traffic and can't seem to rank well on major search engine platforms like Google, Bing, and Yandex, SERP Empire can help. With our platform, we'll send automated organic traffic directly to your website that will boost your rankings for targeted keywords. We also help affiliate marketers and bloggers track their keywords' rankings on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
The app helps you rank higher on SERPs by increasing the organic traffic to your site and improving the CTR of URLs.

SERPEmpire automatically sends traffic to your keywords through Google's search results, increasing your CTR and making you rank higher. We know that higher rankings on Google translate into more traffic, so SERP Empire can help you do this too.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, with a better traffic quality that really improves your SEO, you must consider ClickSEO. ClickSEO is less expensive and has greater potential to send traffic to your site.

Why ClickSEO is the best alternative to SerpEmpire?

ClickSEO gives high quality traffic for SEO

ClickSEO is a network of home IPs providing real organic traffic to your website. It means the people clicking around on your site are doing it because they searched for your keywords. This helps increase the click-through rate of your keywords and make them more visible in search engine results pages. CTR is one of the two most important factors affecting SEO. All clicks from ClickSEO visits are validated by Google Search Console, which means you’re getting genuine web traffic that will lead to better rankings for your site.

SERPEmpire generates low quality traffic

SERP Empire uses a spoofing method. This is when you use free proxies that you can find online, and make sure that your cookies are cleared every time with the same IP address. Doing this will allow the bot to manipulate the Google Analytics script. In your Google Analytics you'll see more unique visits than there actually are, but they will not be registered in Google Search Console because they're fake traffic – which is very bad for SEO because your site may soon be flagged as spammy.

Get Real Organic traffic with ClickSEO

ClickSEO types your keywords into the search bar, search your website through Google's search pages, find your website and visit it with a residential IP. The organic traffic is high quality and will show up in all of the most prominent analytics companies such as KissMetrics, Search Console, SimilarWeb, and more.

CTR bot that gives positive signal to Google

SERP Empire will not search your site from SERPs. In fact, it performs tricks so that Google thinks any visits are coming from a legitimate organic source. Using a free proxy server and trying to spoof Google is never a good idea, which is why all analytics tools (including G-Analytics) do not count the visits.

ClickSEO is used by +1000 SEO agencies

For website owners that have difficulty promoting their content on social media, or who are unable to rank well in Google search rankings, for agencies, using ClickSEO as a CTR bot is a great way to increase traffic for an article or a website. The more clicks an article/website has, the more popular and relevant it will be, which will then bump its ranking higher on targeted keywords.

SERPEmpire is bad for your website SEO

Trying to game the system by driving fake traffic to your client's website can give Google a bad impression of your the site. And if you generate fake signals to Google for just one article, it could penalize the rest of your website. That is why Serpempire traffic isn't adapted for SEO and agencies

ClickSEO generates geo traffic from +170 countries

Using the ClickSEO IPs, you can generate visits from over 170 countries. That way, you can send clicks from browser and geographic locations that are targeted to your business’ needs. For example, if you choose a country like Netherlands, all searches and clicks will come from!

SERPEmpire has only a few traffic locations available

SERP Empire has a limited number of locations to generate traffic for your website. However, it's worth noting that it doesn't use paid proxies. As such, the location will be much smaller than you might need. Also, you can't target specific browsers and countries because SERP Empire is using free proxies most of the time and they don't access your site from the browser.

SearchSEO vs ClickSEO - Ultimate comparison

Features and key points
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Generate organic traffic with high quality residential IPs
Track your position over time
Right amount of clicks sent
Unique IP used for each visits
Random user behavior
Recorded in all major analytic tools
Choose several countries per project
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