ClickSEO vs SerpClix
The Ultimate comparison

Discover ClickSEO the finest SERPCLIX alternative for purchasing SEO clicks that boost your website's CTR performance, which Google considers when ranking websites

SERPCLIX vs CLICKSEO - Ultimate comparison

Do you like SerpClix? You'll ❤️ ClickSEO

SerpClix is a traffic generator that generates organic clicks from search results by utilizing a network of genuine clickers. People enter your keywords into the search field, look for your website, click on your domain name, and then leave. This cause a huge bounce rate, which gives the wrong signals to Google.

That's why you need the best alternative to SerpClix - Meet ClickSEO

ClickSEO is an automatic traffic generator that generates organic searches from search results using a home network of IPs.The network identifies and visits your site after searching for your keywords on Google. All of the visitors and clicks add up to a real SEO value when the most significant SEO elements are considered. This strategy is less expensive and more effective when it comes to increasing CTR and SEO.

SerpClix or ClickSEO : Which one is the best for CTR manipulation?

Although both SerpClix and ClickSEO generate visits from real human clickers, the organic search traffic provided by these two tools is very different. The difference is mainly in the quality of the visits, which is the most important element to manipulate the organic click-through rate for SEO purpose.

Is using Serpclix for Click-Through rate manipulation a good idea?

Serpclix gives access to a whole series of real clickers (crowdsourced) people who are paid to make organic visits to a website. These clickers have access to the sites that need to be visited via the browser extension created by Serpclix.

For the clickers, Serpclix is a great way to make extra money using the Serpclix extension.

As you can understand, this model is a win-win for both parties. The clickers win because they get paid and they earn money with Serpclix by opening only browser tabs, and Serpclix can generate almost free website traffic.

But, what about the customers?
The quality of the web traffic is definitely not quality, because the motivation of the clickers is to visit the website quickly to maximize their profit, while the Google algorithm expects the visit to match several criteria, such as visit duration, IP quality, low bounce rate (and much more).

This method proposed by Serpclix certainly works. But it definitely has no positive impact on SEO rankings for the client's website.

Is ClickSEO the best provider to buy SEO clicks for Click Through rate?

Many SEO agencies use ClickSEO for their search engine optimization strategy. The organic traffic is generated from high-quality IP addresses that allow highlighting the client's website to the Google algorithm.
Each Google's search is made from unique IP and pushes the whole website in a search engine result page in a few weeks with an automated process.
The automated bot provided by ClickSEO is affordable and is definitely the best serpclix's alternative.

What are the main difference between ClickSEO and SerpClix?

High-quality and reasonably priced

ClickSEO charges 12 times less per organic click than SerpClix! ClickSEO makes use of residential IP addresses that are linked to ISPs. This enables us to cut costs for our consumers while ensuring quality visits that benefit your SEO.

SerpClix is Extremely costly

SerpClix charges $0.22 for every organic click, which is 12 times more expensive than ClickSEO. SerpClix generates visits through a network of clickers.This is prohibitively expensive and is not the greatest way to obtain high-quality traffic. When you spend 22 cents per click, clickers receive only 8 cents to seek your website in the search results. Not enough to entice him to pay a return visit.

Customizable dwell time and bounce rate

In addition to increasing the CTR of your keywords, ClickSEO benefits your SEO. Each visit can have a maximum dwell length of 5 minutes. You can also select a bounce rate from 0% to 100%.In terms of page views, our visitors can view up to 5 pages every session. As a result, the longer your visitors stay on your site, the more pages they read, and the lower your bounce rate, the more relevant your site appear to Google, and you earn rankings!

 Dwell time is low, and the bounce rate is high

The SerpClix clickers are provided with clear instructions. They must enter keywords into the Google search field, navigate to your website, view a single page, and exit. This suggests that the visit is less than 10 seconds long, but Google deems a quality visit to be greater than 15 seconds long. Furthermore, the bounce rate is 100%, indicating to Google that your website is not relevant. This is why SerpClix organic traffic does not affect your SEO.

Select the clicks’ location

We have several million residential IPs at ClickSEO, allowing us to provide visitors from over 150 countries. This enables you to enhance your ranks on a specific search engine. For example, when you select Spanish clicks, all searches are conducted via!

Geo-targeting with no clicks

SerpClix has a small number of clickers. This implies you can't have a lot of clicks and can't pick where the clicks go. Worse, some clickers may utilize free VPNs or proxy lists to impersonate a location, which might harm your website's SEO.

ClickSEO is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our home network of IPs is dedicated to completing your request within minutes, and we deliver clicks 24 hours a day, seven days a week!Our dependability ensures that your order will be executed entirely and according to your specified criteria.

Clickers are not dependable or widely available

SerpClix relies on the availability of clickers. This means that processing your order may take a lengthy time. Furthermore, clickers have a considerable margin of error, meaning you can pay for clicks you will never receive.

24/7 assistance and support

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and promise to respond to your queries within 2 hours, Monday through Sunday (7/7). We will gladly advise you if you require support in the creation of your project.

Customer service is difficult to reach

SerpClix customer service is difficult to reach and relies on a generalized click calculator to provide advice. Every website and market is unique, so every customer requires customized guidance, which SerpClix could not offer.

SearchSEO vs ClickSEO - Ultimate comparison

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