SerpClix Review and Alternative

Looking for the lowdown on SerpClix and its alternatives? Our comprehensive review covers everything you need to know about this tool, along with top-notch alternatives to consider.

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SerpClix helps website owners to boost their search engine rankings by increasing organic click-through rates with real organic clicks. This article will provide an overview of SerpClix, explaining what it is and how it works as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with utilizing this service along with its price. We will also make a comparison of SerpClix with its alternative.

What is SerpClix? 

SerpClix is an online service that connects website owners who want to increase the performance of their website by buying real organic traffic, with clickers (also known as microworkers) whose job it is to generate organic clicks for SerpClix customers. Serpclix is therefore a matchmaking platform that facilitates the purchase of organic clicks by making the bridge between : human clickers and customers.

What is serpclix

Just picture yourself to having a group of committed clickers, who search and key in the searched terms then clicking on your website’s link. One such group of distributed clickers with its geography spread over the countries, utilizes their devices being located in different clicks and to perform searches on a website along with clicking targeted particular sites. This clever approach called crowdsourcing contributes to the appearance of heightened relevance and significance from a search engine’s view that ultimately translates to better rankings, as the CTR is the #4 most important SEO metrics!

Serpclix SEO clicks ranking

How does SerpClix Work?

The registration on Serpclix website is really basic even if the free trial requires to add the credit card. However, to create a campaign since SerpClix offers very few traffic customization parameters, it makes the process very simple.

1. Create an account

Creat an account on SerpClix

Creating an account with SerpClix is relatively simple, but the method used can be constraining. To register, a free trial is offered, giving you the equivalent of 50 free clicks to test the service. You will need to enter your credit card to get started, which may at first sight put you off: but don't worry, you have 14 days to cancel the free trial.

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2. Create your first campaign on SerpClix

The process of creating a campaign on SerpClix is super simple. All you need to do is enter your domain name and click continue. SerpClix will then provide you with a list of the keywords on which your domain name is ranked, and the number of organic clicks per day that are required for your domain name to rank higher in the Google results. Finally, all you need to do is choose the locations for which you want your website to rank better.

Create a campaign on SerpClix

Once all this has been finalized, all you have to do is validate step 3, and your project will be launched automatically and you'll start to receive real organic clicks from SerpClix.

A few important points to mention:
- Unlimited orders: you can create as many campaigns as you want on your account, within the limit of your available credits
- Unlimited URLs and keywords: within the limit of your available credits
- Be sure to select keywords that you already rank in the top 100 results for, so our clickers can find your URL.

With this information at your fingertips, you can track every single click from the SerpClix statistic report, and from your Google Search Console: see how it looks below!

SerpClix statistic campaign report

The Benefits of SerpClix

When it comes to improving your search engine rankings, SerpClix offers a multitude of benefits that can greatly enhance your online presence. Let's dive deeper into the advantages of using SerpClix and how it can positively impact your website.

SerpClix is perfect for CTR manipulation

As the clicks generated by SerpClix are sent by real humans (clickers) from a targeted location, the organic traffic is recorded in the Google Search Console: this certifies that the traffic sent by SerpClix is real and of high quality. What's more, the organic traffic designed to increase CTR like SerpClix provide sends positive signals to Google about the relevance of the website to the initial query (keyword): your site receives more clicks than its competitors, Google defines it as more relevant than the others, and it ranks higher in SERP. See how it looks in Google Search Console below

SerpClix CTR manipulation

SerpClix provides clicks recorded in Google Trends

Another proof that the organic clicks provided by SerpClix are of high quality is that they are recorded in the Google Trend tool. From a marketing point of view, this makes a lot of things possible. Notably the creation of Google Autocomplete. By generating a lot of organic clicks in a short period of time, you create a trend around the main keyword associated with your brand. Google will then understand that your brand, along with the keyword, is relevant enough to be displayed in the autocomplete results. The only drawback to this is that generating autocomplete Google results using SerpClix can be relatively expensive.

SerpClix Google autocomplete

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SerpClix has a good customer support

But that's not all. SerpClix goes above and beyond by offering exceptional customer support. Should you encounter any issues or have questions along the way, their dedicated support team is readily available to assist you. Prompt and reliable customer service ensures that you can maximize your experience with SerpClix and address any concerns that may arise.

The Cost of SerpClix

Before going into a detailed description of the pricing structure offered by SerpClix, it is important to remember that a free trial gives access to 500 credits for a period of 14 days, which is, in terms of equivalent clicks: approximately 2 clicks per day for 14 days. As you can understand, 10 credits correspond to approximately 1 click, and if you choose a localisation option (clicks targeted by country), then the price increases considerably to 20 credits for 1 click. If you want to use SerpClix for SEO purposes, then it is recommended that you use the geo-localised clicks option, to really see the increase in ranking. And of course the cost of SerpClix will rise sharply.

SerpClix pricing

The SerpClix site has several paid plans available, allowing you great flexibility in selecting the one that best suits your needs.

The most affordable plan is the "Starter" plan, which costs $197 per month and includes 6,000 credits, or the equivalent of around 660 clicks per month (22 clicks per day). That's still very few clicks if you want to considerably increase the ranking of one of your very competitive keywords, with a lot of volume. This plan is perfect for small keywords with less than 500 clicks/month.

If you are serious about deploying the CTR boost to many of your low/medium volume keywords, then you should consider the Bronze plan. For $297/month it will give you access to 12,000 credits.

This will allow you to generate up to 1300 clicks per month approximately, and 800 clicks per month if you choose to target the location of clicks. This is the most popular SerpClix plan.

Let's move on to the most popular plan, and probably the one most used by SEO agencies: the Silver plan. Priced at $497/month, the Silver plan gives access to 25,000 credits, the equivalent of 2,800 non-geo-targeted clicks, and around 1,900 geo-targeted clicks. As the cost is high, we recommend using this plan on a website that is already well optimised for SEO.

For those wishing to invest more, because you really want to increase your ranking on very competitive keywords with very high search volume, the Gold plan (55,000 credits for $997/month) or the Platinum plan (150,000 credits for $2497/month) are for you.

Note that you can top up your credits in your account at any time, giving you room to manoeuvre if you want to boost the CTR of new keywords.

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is SerpClix Legit?

SerpClix confirms that the clickers are genuine humans and not mechanized bots or scripts. It also generates a human element, which in turn gives additional credibility to the clicks and makes them look real and organic. SerpClix ensures the highest quality clicks by following tight lines and maintaining strict quality control through the chrome extension that must be installed by the clickers.
In addition, SerpClix acknowledges that it is essential for the clicker profiles to diverse. These clickers have different backgrounds that would give a diversity of perspectives and search behaviors. This variety of acquisition adds to the organicity and realism of a click-through, making this service even more effective.

Become a SerpClix clicker

Apart from being a platform for boosting the click-through rates of websites, SerpClix gives people a chance to make money through clicking. If you love looking up things on the web and want to take part in a clicking click campaign, then you can register as a remote control on SerpClix and get paid to visit website.  The platform pays reasonably for your time and work: from $0.05 to $0.10$/click.
For that, you've to download the SerpClix Chrome extension.

Download SerpClix Chrome Extension

As a clicker signing up in Serpclix, you also belong to global group of individuals that love making money online. Being a clicker will provide you with diverse click campaigns focused on your preferences and interests. No matter whether you are into the technology, fashion, travel or anything else – click campaigns for everyone to participate. More than 100.000 clickers already joined SerpClix network.
The clicker also offer flexibility on SerpClix. You can decide the amount of time you dedicate to click and earn money. The number of clicks is for you to decide, whether it’s a few minutes in a day or even more than one hour. With such flexibility, you click as you wish and make money without being pressed for anything.

SerpClix Chrome extension

Is it hard to earn money with SerpClix after downloading the chrome extension?

First, you will learn what search terms to use and which results to click on as a clicker. The search terms depends on your location, and the order received by SerpClix on its client's side. SerpClix, through the chrome extension ensures that you are clicking the right links and giving good data to their website owners. If the tasks is completed properly, you're instantly paid! SerpClix is dedicated to quality, so only real or well validated clicks are counted, providing an additional reassurance that your efforts actually matter.

Dedicated support team for Clickers

SerpClix also provides you with a support team, which is ready to assist whenever you may have any queries. Should you experience any technical problems or have issues concerning payment, the support team is only a message behind away. That way, with SerpClix, you feel comfortable and enjoy working with them as a clicker.

Comparing SerpClix to Other CTR bot

SerpClix is not the only service available to improve your organic click-through rates or search engine rankings. It's essential to compare SerpClix to other options to ensure you choose the best solution for your needs. Some alternative options include similar click quality for SEO purpose. When comparing these options with SerpClix, consider factors such as cost, effectiveness, ease of use, and long-term sustainability. Each solution has its benefits and limitations, so it's important to evaluate them based on your specific goals and requirements. One alternative option to SerpClix is ClickSEO. Let's see how ClickSEO is the best alternative to SerpClix

SerpClix Alternative : Meet ClickSEO

SerpCli Chrome extension

The best alternative to SerpClix is ClickSEO. Although both services offer the generation of organic clicks, ClickSEO has traffic options that allow you to obtain better results.
For example, with ClickSEO:
1. Visit durations can last up to 5 minutes, compared with just a few seconds with SerpClix
2. The bounce rate with ClickSEO is customizable. This allows you to reduce your bounce rate and give positive signals to Google, whereas the organic clicks provided by SerpClix have a bounce rate of around 60%.
3. ClickSEO is much cheaper than SerpClix. On average, 100 organic clicks generated by SerpClix cost $100, whereas 100 clicks from ClickSEO cost only $5.
4. The effects on SEO are better with ClickSEO because the visits act not only on the CTR, but also on the parameters seen above: the bounce rate, the duration of the visit, the location of the clicks, and the traffic is distributed randomly throughout the day.
5. The number of pages visited per user is much higher with ClickSEO than with SerpClix. With SerpClix, a maximum of 2 pages are visited, compared with 5 with ClickSEO!

All these extra features make ClickSEO the best alternative to SerpClix.

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Table of comparison : SerpClix vs ClickSEO

Features comparison

ClickSEO logo
Serpclix logo
Custom session duration
check green
arrow not valid
Track your position over time
check green
arrow not valid
Right amount of clicks sent
check green
check green
Unique IP used for each visits
check green
arrow not valid
Random user behavior
check green
arrow not valid
Recorded in all major analytic tools
check green
check green
Choose several countries per project
check green
arrow not valid
Bounce rate management
check green
arrow not valid
Dwell time management
check green
arrow not valid
Google my business clicks
check green
arrow not valid

Cost comparison

ClickSEO Logo PNG
Serpclix logo
Cost per click
Monthly price


Take your SEO to the next level with the best alternative to SerpClix: ClickSEO. ClickSEO is the new generation of traffic bot 2.0, which provide quality traffic that aims to explode the SEO of your site through improved CTR. ClickSEO specialises in generating organic clicks, from the Google SERP, directly to your website and interacts with pages with human behaviour.