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Understanding Auto Website Traffic Generators

Before we talk about the benefits of an automated website traffic generator for your website, it is important to understand its definition. An automated website traffic generator is software that automatically generate traffic to your website from the most popular sources listed in Google Analytics: organic, referral, social and direct. The objective is always the same: to increase the number of visitors to your site in order to improve your website's score with the algorithm. The more visitors your site gets, the more relevant it appears, and therefore the higher its SEO ranking. 
However, the web traffic generated must be of high quality, and this is where it's important to choose the right traffic provider. At ClickSEO, we are N°1 in the generation of quality traffic that has real benefits for SEO.Let’s see now, how an online web traffic generator works!

The Basics of Auto Website Traffic Generators

Before you commit to buying an automated web traffic generator, you need to understand how they work. Knowing how they work will inevitably enable you to configure them in the right way, so that your website benefits fully from them. A website traffic generator is a bot, usually automated, whose aim is to generate activity on your website. Visits will be generated to simulating real user behavior, i.e. visits that enter your site according to the traffic source you have chosen beforehand (organic, social, referral or direct), and that interact on the pages of your site (by clicking on buttons, scrolling down the page or browsing through the pages). 

Not all website traffic generators are created equal. There are several solutions on the market that use different methods. The methods used are directly linked to the quality of the traffic you will receive, and therefore the SEO impact. We recommend using tools such as ClickSEO, which use unique IPs for each visit generated to your website. This ensures that each visit generated is recognized as qualitative by Google. What's more, the IPs used come from the best sources: residential and mobile. Whereas free online web traffic generators use lists of free IPs, recognized by Google, which has a negative impact on your SEO. 

It is highly recommended to use tools like ClickSEO to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Our tool has been developed by SEO experts, and all the parameters have been studied to maximise the benefits.

In particular, you cancustomize the traffic generation process.
You can choose the visit time, the number of traffic to be sent per day and per keyword, or even the bounce rate and the location of the traffic. This level of customisation allows you to send traffic that is consistent with your current analytics, while improving the key metrics.

The Role of Traffic Generators in Marketing

Website traffic generators help the marketing teams of companies concerned about their SEO by accelerating their ranking. Their role is to complement and accelerate existing optimisation efforts. In fact, by improving the main metrics taken into account by Google when ranking a website, website owners use automated website traffic generators in a precise flow, which is as follows: 

Writing articles → Publishing articles → Generating organic traffic to these articles

This makes it possible to publish articles, and instantly give them juice. This way Google recognizes that the article is getting a lot of traffic, and therefore that it is the most relevant result for the given query.

In other cases, the role of a website traffic generator is to 'wake up' a site that is stagnating in the ranking for one or more keywords by generating organic traffic from the keyword to the pages concerned. 

ClickSEO covers both these roles as a traffic generator by generating organic traffic.

The Benefits of Using an Auto Website Traffic Generator

Let’s explore in details how and in which ways a website traffic generator can benefits your website

Increase Website Traffic Metrics

The most obvious reason why companies or individuals use a web traffic generator is inevitably to increase the metrics of their website. There are several reasons for this: 
The first is that, as we explained earlier, improving metrics gives Google positive signals about the relevance of the website. In this way, the website will rank better for keywords in SERP. The objectives are to reduce the bounce rate, increase dwell time, and get a better number of pages visited.
Secondly, in a devious and mischievous way, it allows users to increase their metrics in order to fool traffic analysis tools and sell services linked to their website at a higher price. For example, guest post sales services use a website traffic generator to have better metrics, and show their potential client that their site has a lot of traffic: so they sell their guest post at a much higher price.

Improved SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in determining your website's visibility in search engine results. Increased website traffic, especially organic traffic, is a key factor that search engines consider when ranking websites. ClickSEO is specialized with organic traffic web generation.

By using an auto website traffic generator, you can boost your website's SEO ranking by increasing its visibility and attracting more organic traffic. The generated traffic, when coupled with quality content and relevant keywords, can significantly improve your website's search engine rankings.

Enhanced User Engagement

User engagement is one of the website traffic metrics, but we need to be more specific here. Traffic generation makes it possible to increase rates, or reduce them depending on their negative impact on Google. For example, if your bounce rate is very high, it should be reduced. On the other hand, if the average number of pages visited is too low, it should be increased. And an auto website traffic generator can increase user engagement metrics such as bounce rate and page views, but also time spent on site, page views per visit, and conversion rates.

Choosing the Right Auto Website Traffic Generator

There are some essential features that should not be overlooked when choosing a website traffic generator. The good news is that ClickSEO covers all the features you need if you're using it for SEO purposes, to boost your ranking.

Key Features to Look For

1. Targeting Options: It is important to choose a web traffic bot generator that allows advanced targeting options. The targeting options that must be available are no more and no less than the most important SEO factors so you can improve these metrics and get better ranking: 
- Visit time (Dwell time)
- Location of traffic 
- Visit duration
- Number of pages visited per session
- Number of clicks generated per day
- Choosing the keywords
- Amount of traffic generated per day
- Randomisation of traffic delivery

2. Real organic traffic: A good auto website traffic generator must generate the organic traffic properly, it means that when you’re entering the keywords, the bot must types the keywords in google browser, find your website, and click your website from SERP to finally visit it with a human behavior. Like ClickSEO does!

3. Analytics and Reporting: The service you’re choosing to generate website traffic must give a report of the traffic sent through its use. 

4. Unique IPs: The IPs must be unique for each visit sent. Most of the free website traffic generators are using free proxies list, and use the same IPs to generate visits to your website. That’s why you should consider real web traffic bot such as ClickSEO, as each visit sent is sent with a unique IPs. We’ve more than 100k unique IPs per location, and +170 location available

Comparing Different Traffic Generators

There are different types of website traffic generator on the market. You can make your own comparisons and choose the one that best suits your budget and your marketing objectives. ClickSEO is the best choice on the market, in terms of traffic quality and cost. What's more, we cover all the features you need to achieve excellent SEO results.

Implementing ClickSEO as Auto Website Traffic Generator

Now that you've chosen the right auto website traffic generator for your business, let's explore how to implement it effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setup

1. Sign up to ClickSEO: Follow the tutorial above to get started with your account
2. Configure Targeting Options: Set up the targeting options based on your business goals. Check out the video tutorial to choose the options properly 
3. Set Traffic Volume and Schedule: Determine the amount of traffic you want to generate per day and specify the schedule for traffic generation. This will help maintain a consistent flow of visitors to your site.
4. Monitor Traffic and Performance: Monitor your website traffic by checking into the “analytics” dashboard of your project in ClickSEO

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