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Guide to Buying Organic Website Traffic

Guide to Buying Organic Traffic: Read our article to learn how to buy website traffic online.

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May 16, 2024


Head of Growth - ClickSEO

Guide to Buying Organic Website Traffic

Recently, we have seen a surge in inquiries on a particular topic. The phrasing has varied continuously but the question has fundamentally stayed the same: “should I buy organic website traffic for my business?” 

The simple answer is yes but we will be remiss to say that this question has a simple answer.

This article will serve as our guide to buying website traffic. In it, we will also highlight why your business should go for it and how you can leverage it for your business. 

But first, what do we mean by organic website traffic?

Organic website traffic

Anywhere website traffic is mentioned, other marketing terms such as traffic bots, traffic generators, CTR manipulation, and automated traffic bot are sure to soon follow. By far the most relevant term to organic website traffic is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. you can’t plan to rack organic website traffic without including an SEO strategy. 

In today’s modern market, SEO is a fundamental aspect of any Marketing strategy. SEO is an organic way to reach relevant leads, drive them to your website, and ultimately convert them into customers. It offers you a way to acquire new leads without having to spend money on ads. If done well, SEO can improve your domain credibility and boost your brand image. 

Essentially, to buy organic website traffic means investing in an SEO strategy. 

Why should you consider SEO for your website?

One way to apply SEO techniques to your website is to write and upload SEO content. When potential leads search for words or phrases that are similar to your selected keywords, your website will rank for them. The better optimized your website content is, the more your website will appear in search engine result pages (SERPs) and increase your website’s traffic. 

The following are more ways SEO can benefit your business: 

Your website will get quality traffic.

Being an inbound strategy, SEO entirely relies on potential leads finding the relevant information they need per time. This is unlike outbound advertising, which requires you to reach out to them to find out what they want. With SEO, you are sure that every organic traffic to your website is a visitor who either wants what you have now or will need it in the future. You get high-quality leads when you buy organic website traffic. 

You don’t have to pay for ads.

If you buy organic website traffic, you don’t have to pay for ads. 

The Google search engine has an algorithm that prioritizes websites with relevant SEO content. For every search query that goes into the search engine, the algorithm fetches results that match it.  Google has Pay Per Click (PPC) ads known as Google Ads and it allows websites that pay for it to appear on top of SERPs as ads. But with SEO, you can rank on top without having to pay for Google Ads.  

All you would have to do is thoroughly research relevant content ideas and keywords, and write them to suit your business goals and tone. It will take some money and time, but the ROI will be worth it.

Although you can choose to do it yourself or delegate it to someone on your team, hiring a professional digital marketing company to run it for you is also an option. This way, you can avoid all of the work and reap all of the benefits. 

It will get more clicks for your website than PPC. 

There is nothing wrong with paying for a PPC advertisement for your website. In fact, it can often be indispensable when you are using it in addition to other marketing strategies. 

That said, organic traffic is a better alternative and with a well-implemented SEO content plan, it produces more valuable and relevant results than PPC seeing as every traffic will be organic. As long as your website is well-optimized with selected keywords, it will always rank on the first page and drive organic traffic to it.

It helps with your website’s PR

The most reliable way to build website credibility and a solid online brand presence is through SEO marketing. PR and SEO band together to achieve a common goal. 

PR will help your website with link building. The key is to identify relevant content to link to, such as news publications, coverage on industry blogs, and placement, to mention only a few. PR might also imply getting prominent publications and influencers to talk about your website. But again, your website will benefit more from these efforts if it’s optimized. 

Stay ahead of your competition.

As far as online businesses go, the competition is pretty rife. Like you, most of your competitors probably have a considerable online presence and taking measures to constantly rank high on SERPs. You can yet stay ahead of the pack with an effective SEO strategy for your website. You can do your research and come up with one by yourself or you can hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you. Buy organic website traffic and rank above your competition. 

How to increase your organic website traffic

As you probably already know, increasing SEO (or to buy organic website traffic) is one of the most effective ways to rank on top of SERPs and vice versa. This makes driving as much organic traffic as possible to your website the utmost priority. 

In this section, we will reveal two ways you can achieve this. 

Increase the CTR (Click-through rate)

It is simple logic:

A high CTR means that your website is getting a good number of clicks. Generally, the higher your website’s CTR, the more valuable the search engine will consider it to be. What follows is that your page naturally ranks higher on SERPs. 

The good news is you can use ClickSEO to increase your CTR and boost your ranking on SERPs. 

Appear as a featured snippet

A featured snippet describes a short text that appears at the top of Google’s search results to quickly answer a user’s query. According to this study, website pages with featured snippets get considerably more CTR than the ones without.  So, with a featured snippet, you can increase your CTR, drive more traffic to your website, and rank top on SERPs. 

Organic website traffic will come in handy for your website and a well-done SEO strategy will give it to you. 

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